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Who will win?

The speaker at the Political Studies Association annual dinner last night was Tony Wright, former MP and Chair of the Public Administration Select Committee.  During his talk, he asked for a show of hands of those who would be voting … Continue reading

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Any guesses?

Any guesses as to what the turnout will be in the referendum on 5 May?  I may offer a prize if any reader gets it more or less spot on…

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The campaign has begun

The referendum on AV is just over ten weeks away.   The campaign has begun, but I doubt if many people have noticed.  It will be interesting to see if it does attract attention in the last month, the royal wedding … Continue reading

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Constitutional reform

On Wednesday, the Constitution Committee in the Lords took evidence on the Government’s constitutional reform programme.  We had a panel of Peter Riddell, Professor Robert Hazell and Professor Robert Blackburn.  It was extremely productive.   We covered fixed-term Parliaments, the referendum on … Continue reading

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A referendum on AV?

If there is a referendum on the Alternative Vote, I will be campaigning hard for a No vote.  The Alternative Vote is arguably the worst of both worlds.  It doesn’t satisfy advocates of proportional representation.  It is not a proportional … Continue reading

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