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Debating the constitution

During yesterday’s debate on the Queen’s Speech, one of the topics covered was the constitution.   In my speech, I identified what I regarded as three key points to guide Government in addressing constitutional change. First, don’t expect too much of … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

A friend to me the other evening: “I almost read your blog today.” Not quite sure what constitutes the appropriate response…

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Missing the point

We seem to be going through a phase where people write to The Times detailing their pet schemes for the composition of the House of Lords.   We are told that members should be appointed on the basis of nomination by professional bodies, … Continue reading

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No to PR and an elected second chamber

Some Conservative colleagues argue vehemently against the introduction of proportional representation for elections to the House of Commons but support an elected second chamber.  I point out to them that there is an inherent inconsistency in their argument. The fundamental … Continue reading

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The origins of the 1922 Committee

The media have been reporting the attempt by David Cameron to change the basis of membership of the 1922 Committee when the party is in government.   Whenever the activities of the 1922 Committee hit the headlines, the media stories will … Continue reading

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The House sits today for swearing in of members (and the Commons for electing the Speaker), so we will begin the process of adapting to a new situation.   Apart from parliamentary work, I am in the middle of essay-marking, to … Continue reading

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The march of the left-handers

It is estimated that only about 10% to 12% of people are left-handed.  Out of the seven most recent Presidents of the United States, five (Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush snr., Bill Clinton and Barack Obama) have been left-handed.  … Continue reading

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