Merry Christmas – from all of me

Merry Christmas to readers. I trust you have the opportunity to relax and find some peace.

As regular readers will be aware, I receive correspondence that addresses me in different forms. My recent post on the subject identified perhaps the most intriguing form, namely ‘Philip of Louth’ (conjures up all sorts of images: ‘And Philip of Louth travelled far and did sit among the council of the wise, and saw that it was good.’ Doesn’t quite work with ‘Mr Louth’, which is how I am addressed in one regular communication.) Over the Christmas period, I have made a note of the different forms of address. Excluding those letters that are addressed to Lord Norton of Louth or Professor Lord Norton of Louth, I have been designated as:

Lord Norton K. Louth
Professor TLNO Louth
Mr P Lord Norton of Lo
The Lord Norton Norton
Professor L. Louth
Professor Norton of Louth
Lord N. O. Louth
Lord Philip Norton Louth
Mr P. Norton
Lord P. Norton
Prof Philip Norton of Louth
Prof. P.Norton

The list is not exhaustive. I variously receive letters from one particular charity addressed to ‘His Excellency Lord Norton of Louth’ – I haven’t rushed to correct that one.

Not sure if there are any benefits from the different forms. If HMRC got it wrong, could I return it as ‘not known at this address’? Then again, could they try and tax me under each?

Anyway, Merry Christmas from all the foregoing.

And good tidings for regular readers. There will soon be another caption competition….

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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3 Responses to Merry Christmas – from all of me

  1. maude elwes says:


  2. Robin Stanley Taylor says:

    On C-SPAN one can find a selection of recordings from the Upper House going all the way back to 1985. The American editors obviously had some difficulty in deciding how to present members’ titles and so there are wild inconsistencies, sometimes even within the same video.

    “Margaret Thatcher, Baroness of Kesteven” is one that particularly sticks out.

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