4 Responses to Is the House of Commons too powerful?

  1. Senex says:

    Public mistrust in Parliament flows directly from the removal of the Lord Chancellor from the Woolsack. As a political peer you appear to be fishing for answers if not for Parliament then for your party. Yes they are available but not whilst the first prime is being elected. Consider that your views on the constitution suffer from a lack of Public Law perspective have you thought about coauthoring with a legal academic to improve things.

  2. maude elwes says:

    Too powerful? It is our back room boys who are too powerful.

    We need a judicial review of ex PM’s as to why they signed any EU treaty without offering a referendum, thus contravening The Bill of Rights Act 1689 which says we must not be under the administration or jurisdiction of a foreign power? It’s a contravention of our constitutional and sovereign rights as citizens, isn’t it?

    Sovereignty lies with the people. Politicians cannot sign our sovereignty over to a third party. It is illegal and, I believe, considered under law to be an act of Treason. Is it not?

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