Welcome to readers overseas

Lord Norton MSP_7935The WordPress stats provide details not only of the number of visitors to this site, but also the country in which they are located.   Though most readers are based in the UK, the site is viewed daily by visitors from a range of countries.  The data supplied by WordPress for 2012 shows that during the year the site received visitors from a total of 125 countries. 

Today, for instance, readers came from a dozen countries other than the UK – Belgium USA, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Germany, Vietnam, Italy, South Africa, the Isle of Man, and Taiwan.   In some cases it is a single visit, but in others there are several.

I am not sure if this reflects overseas interests in Britain and British politics (a good number of people reach the site by typing ‘characteristics of being British’ in their search engine) or because some of my posts relate to other countries or my visits overseas.  Whatever the motivation for visiting, I feel I should in future emulate Nicholas Parsons on Just a Minute and regularly welcome all our overseas visitors. 

In any event, welcome (or welcome back) to all readers.  Am I still in time to wish everyone a Happy New Year?

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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4 Responses to Welcome to readers overseas

  1. Lord Norton,

    My blog is much diminished from its peak but it had visitors from 72 countries in 2012. That is about 58% of your haul. But because you are nearer the top than the middle of countries possible one would have to measure the difference form the total possible. The real measure then is from sum number between 190 and two hundred which is the largest number Word Press could have in such a report. Thus you lack about 70 for total coverage and I lack about 125. These numbers are inverses of our contact numbers. However, your rate of views is much higher. All this indicates to me a high probability that The Norton View is at the high end of some thick part of a distribution curve. Progress upward from here may be disproportionately difficult to achieving the exposure already achieved. But perhaps this will be a completely “curve busting” phenomenon. If that is the case I am even more fortunate to be along for the ride as often as I am..

  2. ladytizzy says:

    I wonder how many of the non-UK resident readers own a current British passport. Who knows, they may even be as astonished as I was with the arguments raised against the amendments to the Electoral and Administration Bill which sought to remove their disenfranchisement after 15 years ‘abroad’. Utterly disgraceful.

  3. I believe you are rather well read in Australia as well

  4. James Glenn says:

    Though I don’t make it on here enough, I’m a good example of Lord Norton’s wide ranging influence. A student from America, I took his U.S. Politics course in 2007. Perhaps the most notable professor I ever had, I’ll certainly never forget our tutorial discussions over tea and crumpets. What a revelation England was for me… I just wanted to say thank you for such an insightful and enlightening English perspective on U.S. politics, and America as a whole. I am applying such perspectives as I teach my own classes, today. Once again, my best regards.

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