Oh dear

NORTON OF LOUTH LordI have previously written about the different ways I have been addressed in letters.  I have had mail addressed to LNO Louth, Lord Louth, and Lord Norton O Louth, and letters opening with salutations such as ‘Dear Lord’.  This morning I received a letter that was addressed to ‘O Norton’.

I suppose all that remains is to receive a letter that opens with ‘O Lord’.

About Lord Norton

Professor of Government at Hull University, and Member of the House of Lords
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10 Responses to Oh dear

  1. Lord Norton,

    is the constitution not in flux? It may be the House of Lords will serve roles in separate upper chambers. These letters strengthen your claim to hold an office for Northern Ireland Lord O’ Norton. I am sure you would do your duty as Laird McNorton and Barwn a Arglwydd Norton as well. In turn these could help organize the rest of your published works with different names for different categories of writing. Innovation is our friend ; ; ; .

  2. maude elwes says:

    Well, at this point I feel you should count yourself very fortunate at not being addressed as, ‘our father’ rather than worry about ‘O lord.’ And please don’t go off to a tangent by believing the comment was intended as an insult to ageism. It is not in any way meant as a poke at years. As, I’m a person who admires age in men.

    That aside, the picture of you above in the Al Jazeera interview is one I really find interesting. You look very arrogant indeed in that one. Pity you didn’t add a link to the interview so we could all see and hear what you said. Or, have you decided you retain the ‘right’ to be forgotten and as a result are not going to allow us to ‘review the situation.’

    • Lord Norton says:

      maude elwes: Me, look arrogant? Surely not. I have no idea how to find the actual broadcast. I’m not sure how I got the picture – I have had it for some time. I certainly enjoyed the programme – it is easier to deal with opponents who are so certain of their own views that they don’t know how to cope with competing arguments. I got the impression that David Frost was not unsympathetic to what I was arguing.

      • Lady Tizzy,
        The Al Jazeera English Channel on You Tube has chosen not to allow this to be viewed in the USA. But I also want to comment as per your reply to my comment on Lords of the Blog that I have seen the end of Invasion of the Body Snatcher’s. It took a while for me to note that you had commented but then Lord Norton has been slower than usual to post new comments and none have appeared since my reply several days ago. If you read it is not great literature but it speaks for itself and I will not reproduce the whole thing here. Sorry to blend blogs and names Tizres.

      • tizres says:

        Frank, I don’t have a record of the meds I took that day but you can be sure that a comment from me to you would be with love and respect.

      • Lady Tizzy,

        It is worth noting that here it was the tenth when I posted my reply on LOTB and the twelfth when I posted the recent comment on TNV. Thus just barely “several days” by at least some definitions. But in your time zone my comment on Lords of the Blog ea on the eleventh in the wee hours and my comment here on the twelfth — and just not several days no matter what. Still we are closer than was the the case in the time of Lief Erikson or Columbus I suppose.

  3. Lord Norton says:

    tizres: Many thanks. That’s the first time I have seen the programme.

  4. Stuart says:

    When I worked in a museum, we received a ranged of salutations in letters. The most common was “Dear Sir” (for a museum with mainly female curators), but the best was the letter that began simply “Excellency”.

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